Monday, 16 June 2008

BBQ's and students

We are not a student church here in Reading but we are blessed to have a good bunch of students who come along on a Sunday morning. They also serve in various areas of church life and quite a few are involved in cell life.

Yesterday was the last time some of them will be with us as they leave uni and move back to their home towns. Some we are saying good bye to for just 3 months and they will be back when term starts. To mark the occasionwe had a bbq here at the Taylors.

We got through 34 burgers and burger buns, 40 sausages and rolls, a large bowl of coleslaw a 5 kg bag of oven chips, several bottles of pop and packets of crisps.

What was great were the conversations I had around membership, the way the students were talking about this church being their church and the general feeling of family that we felt.

We are not a student church, but we will be a church that does students good while they are with us and we will be a church that sees some of these guys stick around, get jobs, get married and start families here in Reading and become vital members of our church family.

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