Sunday, 15 June 2008

Euro 2008 - Day 8

Sweden 1 - 2 Spain
Greece 0 - 1 Russia

The end of the second round finished with results that I would have expected but in terms of the performances, that wasn't quite what I expected.

Sweden put in a great performance against Spain. It was the tail of three strikers. Torres was his usual pacy tricky self up front for Spain. He gave the Sewish defenders the run around al game and deserved his goal. Ibrahimovic looked like he is coming back to international form by once again scoring for the Swedes, however unfortunately for him and for them, their most creative and talented played did not reappear for the second half due to injury. This left the Swedish side working hard to keep the scoreline at 1 - 1. Then up popped David Villa, in the 92nd minute, to score a lovely goal, and break the hearts of the Swedish public. They are not out but they will fel down.

Greece Russia was a game I saw nothing of, my only coments can come from what I heard on the radio. Greece set out defensively once more as they usually do, but their atack was not sharp enough. They were unable to sneak goals on the counter like they did the last time they won the Euroean Championship. The Russians on the other hand worked hard to break down the stoical defence of the Greeks and in the flying forward Roman Pavulychenko they have a man who is growing in confidence. Although he didn't score the goal, he was the man who stole the show. Alan Curbishly is hopefully seeing some of these performances and puting the likes of Romn on his shopping list!!!

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