Friday, 6 June 2008

The West Reading Badminton Tournament

I have now been playing badminton weekly for nearly two years with the same group of guys. The four of us meet on a Wednesday at 4:30pm at Rivermead to play as competitively as we know how. I am somewhat of an outsider in the group (although I do not feel like it) as I am from South Reading and the others are from West Reading.

At the beginning of this year we decided that we would actually play for a medal each week. The person who has the most wins over the year will get to keep the 2008 West Reading Badminton Champ medal!!! This has been going on for 9 weeks now. Unfortunately I have had to miss a few of these evenings but the results stand as follows:

Neville Hollands - 1 (See picture)
Kim Wheller - 0
Richard Thomas - 4
Scott Taylor - 4

As you can see I am currently drawing with Richard but would like to point out that I have only made 6 of the 9 games!

In the words of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - the game is afoot

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