Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Euro 2008 - Day 10

Germany 1 - 0 Austria
Croatia 1 - 0 Poland

I must confess I saw neither of last nights games as I was at badminton and there were no highlights so this post will be more reflective on Group B.

There have not been many surprises in this group. The two that would have been pre-tournament favourites to progress have done so. The only surprise is that they are in a different order. After a convincing win against Poland, germany have huffed and puffed across the line. Croatia on the other hand of got stronger, so much so that with nine changes to the team that beat Germany, they were still able to beat Poland. Poland and Austria have not been awful, but it has been a lack of fire power in both camps that has led to both being knocked out.

We can still look forward to seeing the likes of Podolski and Modric plying their trade on the field in the coming days. However I will be looking out for the likes of Martin Harnik and Roger Guerreiro in the coming years to see how their careers develop.

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