Saturday, 7 June 2008

Euro 2008 - Day 1

Euro 2008 kicked off today without England involved. In fact not one country from the British Isles has made it to Switzerland and Austria. However this does mean that I can relax and enjoy the football that is on offer.

I do have the priviledge of having a wonderful wife who does not mind me watching some football and so I was able to watch most of the Czech Republic v Switzerland - all I can say is I hope the games get better - not the worst game but certainly not the most scintilating!!! I missed the Portugal match due to a great night out to celebrate my mate Tom Riches birthday. They won 2-0 but I guess that was to be expected as they were playing a lesser side in Turkey.

I look forward to the highlights and to the coming couple of weeks as theis European championship evolves and takes shape without and underachieving England side to worry about (I'm as patriotic as the next bloke, but it is quite nice not to have to care!!!)

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