Wednesday, 11 June 2008

West Reading Badminton Tournament Update #1

Another Wednesday, another trip to the Rivermead Leisure Centre to continue to compete for this prestigious trophy (well if you are one of the four of us anyway!)

I was fortunate enough to add to my tally of wins this weekcoming out on top, however it was incredibly close. Going into the final game the score was laying at 4-3-2-1. I had won 4 and Nev 3! We were pitted against each other - Nev and Kim, Scott and Richard.

Nerves had set in and Kim and Nev had a great start to the game getting to 5-1 quickly. Kim is so good at reacting at the net and putting over the little drop shots. It then see-sawed for a while and the scores were levelled at 20-20. Neville had played some lovely power shots from the back and Richard on my side of the net was using his height and wrist to get sharp angles on his kill shots.

It was anyones game. Scott to serve, great return, a cool hit from the back of the court from Richard and into the net by the opposing side. 21-20 to Scott and Kim. The serve goes over again, nerves ajangling all round - what would happen - a short rally and then Richard puts it down the middle to win.

Once again crowned champion of the week but great games. All of us are a similar standard so it makes for exciting games.

Watch this space - the games are so close you never know what will happen!!

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