Wednesday, 11 June 2008

I'm excited about being in Reading because...

There are so many great people in our church. Just today I have spent a great day in the office with the likes of Rachel, Nicola, Karen, Ed and Sean. As if that wasn't enough, Tom was in today, working out of the office and he gave up an hour of his time to have a meeting about IN:Whitley and how it had gone!

Leslie Holland came in to discuss things that she is buzzing with: ways of reaching one of the communities that really need to know Jesus; Alpha; and the women's coffee afternoon on a Monday. She is constantly thinking of new ways of reaching people for Jesus.

Then, this evening, Dan Chard and Beckie Aston came over and we had a wonderful evening with friends who are not only excited about getting married, but are also excited about living for God.

This is a church I am excited about being part of because of all the great people that are going for it for Christ.

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