Saturday, 14 June 2008

Things to be thankful for...

It's Saturday afternoon and I am feeling a little sentimental.

I have a great wife who is not only gorgeous but is intelligent, fun, and above all loves Jesus. She is held in high regard by those in and outside the churc. I truly am a blessed man to have her.

I have a great church that I am part of - I cannot wait til tomorrow morning to be with them once again worshipping, giving thanks and then preaching what God has put on my heart from Titus 1.

I have a great Mum and Dad who I know love me and each other.

I have great 'In Laws', they have truly become a second mum and dad to me which I am so thankful for considering some of the horror stories you hear.

I have lovely sisters - two blood and one inherited through marriage!!! All of them i am proud of in their own way - all of which I am in good relationship.

I have great friends and neighbours (of whom some are friends!!!)

I have a house, a car, clothes and food, money to buy books.

When I look at my life I realise that I have so much to be thankful for - not all listed here - that my eyes are turned to God in adoration once more.

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