Friday, 6 June 2008

A Week On

It's a week on now since IN:Whitley was in full swing when we were meeting many new people, laying paths and clearing rubbish and overgrown vegetation. It's difficult to know what the fruit has been in terms of peoples lives, but I do know that the council and the groundworks team were delighted and astounded at the amount of work that was done by the team that served diligently over two days in the Cowsey. One of the RBC workers was particularly impressed stating that it was better than the path that had existed before.

For me I think there were many successes:

1. We meet people we would never have meet had we not done this - obvious I know but in the business of life this was a real highlight

2. Many people we met knew something about Reading Family Church - people actually know we exist!

3. It got so many of us out of our comfort zones - it is so easy to settle into what you are comfortable with

4. We had one person off the back of a leaflet - not a massive response but all that work for one is definitely worth it

5. 5 people responded to the gospel on Sunday morning - hoorah!

6. I was told off by the children in my street for not being there on Saturday morning whilst they got their faces painted - how cool is that, they were telling me off for not being with my church!

There was so much more but these are just a few of my highlights. It would be great to hear of some of the other great stories that I am sure are out there - maybe you prayed for someone to be healed or maybe you were on the doors for the first time. I for one get excited and am greatly encouraged when I hear about conversations or meetings that people have had.

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