Friday, 27 June 2008

West Reading Badminton Tournament update #3

Another week roles round in trying to become the 2008 West Reading Badminton Champ (well between the four of us who play anyway!) I had been fortunate to win it the past three weeks so expectation was high in the office, that I could do it again! I wasn't so sure.

The first game saw Richard and Neville play against Kim and I. I started with 7 quick points from Richard and Nev, leaving me to feel that maybe today was the day that the medal changed hands. However some great serving from Kim saw us actually win the game. We then went on to share four more close game and one game where Richard's serving was untouchable, winning something like 10 points in a row!!!

Although most of the games were competitive, for some reason I managed to retain the medal, winning 5 of the 6 games.

We then went for a great curry afterwards. We talked about the games and pretty much talked about everything else that could possibly be a conversation piece. Good food, good company and in my opinion a good result!

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