Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Loved and loving it!!!

B reminded us tonight that God knows us and that he loves us whether we have 'dirty hands or dirty feet'. That he embraces us and says that we are his, if we know Christ as our Lord and Saviour.

We read in Romans 5 that whilst we were dead in our transgressions, Christ died for us. I was once again struck by the enormity of this.

The words of the famous hymn keep coming to mind

'I once was blind but now I see.'

I once was blind, I couldn't see that I was a slave to the sinful way of life that I was living. But then my eyes were opened to the beautiful truth of Christ and him crucified by the Holy Spirit as God revealed himself to me.

All this because God chose to lavish his grace upon me. It is so wondful knowing Jesus as my Saviour. Knowing that it is by his death and resurrection, I have a relationship with the living, loving God; that through him I have the hope of eternal life.

I wanted to post this now because I want to get the thoughts that are racing through my head down in some form before they race so far into my head that I once again see them as just mere facts. Tonight they are alive and I'm loving it!!!

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