Friday, 13 June 2008

Euro 2008 - Day 6

Germany 1 - 2 Croatia
Austria 1 - 1 Poland

Well now things are getting interesting! I would never have predicted these results.

After watching Croatia limp home against Austria on Sunday I would never have given them any hope against the marauding Germany side that destroyed Poland. However, with a little tinker to the system, Bilic pulled off a result as big as the one against England at Wembley. The Croatians played with tenacity, flair, invention and purpose; in contrast Germany were sloppy in defence and in the pass, were always second to the ball and with all the talent in the side - were without ideas. Only Podolski would have come out of that game with his head held high after another blistering finish. The day belonged to Modric though, as once again he looked like a very good player who will do well in the Premiership.

As for Austria Poland, from the little I saw of it, a draw would seem like a fair reflection of the game. I have been impressed with the Austrian team, they work hard and do go forward, but they don't seem to have anyone who can finish or even have the confidence to have a go. However they do have Harkin, who could well become a player to watch in the future - gets himself into decent positions, but fails to finish! The impressive player for me was the Polish Brazilian - Roger Guerreiro. Although he was offside for the goal, he probably deserved one as the play that I saw of him was extremely skillful and he is full of pace. Another one for the Irons to look at I hope!!!

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