Saturday, 28 June 2008

Friends: Old and New

It's so important to have friends.

Today I joined 11 others for breakfast to celebrate the birthday of my good friend Craig. It was a fantastic morning: large quantities of cooked breakfast; cereal; fruit (yes fruit!); pastries; coffee, tea and juice. However more importantly the company was great. I had the privilege of sitting with Roy, a guy older than myself but with such a zest for life that it is always a pleasure to spend time with him. There was plenty of friendly, manly banter around the table none of which was derogatory but was fun. The overall feeling of the morning was that of camaraderie and warmth. I look forward to more mornings like this one.

This afternoon was spent at Windsor race course at James' stag do. Wonderful weather and a very tasty steak sandwich were the highlights of the place. What was interesting was that only a couple of the people that went actually put any bets on once our two free £2 bets had been placed, it seemed that we were more interested in getting to know each other than trying to win money! There were several people that I didn't know, but it wasn't long before conversation was freely flowing. I couldn't tell you what happened with the horses, but I could tell you what some of the guys do for a living and the names of their children. The day culminated with a Chinese meal in Windsor town - once again enjoyed due to the friendships.

I have been left after today reflecting on the fact that friends are so important. People that you enjoy being with and can relax around. Jesus didn't just have disciples he had friends, people he ate with, guys he enjoyed chatting with. Jesus showed us that we cannot live life in isolation, that we need to have people around us whom we love and trust. Today I have seen people I have known for years and would trust with my life. Others I know not so well, but the relationships are growing. Others I may not see again but I really enjoyed their company.

All in all, a very enjoyable day and one I will remember.

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