Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Euro 2008 - Day 4

Spain 4 - 1 Russia
Sweden 2 - 0 Greece

Arguably the best game so far of this tournament was played last night. There has been so little to cheer about, but to see great counter attacking football and a masterclass in skill and possession from the Spanish was brilliant.

I had heard a lot about David Villa but had never seen him play - I definitely want to see him play again. His hattrick was well taken, but made possible by his team mates. I loved the commentators comment, that the gun was being loaded by the midfield and he just had to fire the bullets. To their credit, Russia played also played well. The score line reflected a brilliant Spain playing a Russia who would have won against the likes of France or Italy.

I didn't see much of the second game as I have a life and a wife! But the little I did see and hear about told me enough to know that Sweden were as ever hard working and Greece were as ever defensive. The true highlight of the game had to be Ibrahimovic's incredible rocket that opened the scoring. He may not have scored internationally since 2005 but this one was worth waiting for. Neither team were impressive and I would think it's Spain and Russia to go through.

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