Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Sunday morning surprise guests!

As I arrived at Reading Girls School on Sunday morning to gather with the church, I was greeted by familiar faces. Three young men sat on the wall patiently waiting to come in and enjoy. All three of these young men had been regular lads at our Kids Church a couple of years beforehand, but had stopped coming assumedly uninterested.

None of these boys had been easy to deal with. They were often a handful, but they are all boys who are full of life and questions about where they fit in to the greater scheme of things. They joined us for the morning; going out to our Yr7-Yr 10 group. They were well behaved, polite and one of them even prayed. I was very proud of them and the workers on the morning who made them so welcome.

When I asked them what had made them come back that morning they said that they had got up early had wandered around for a while and were bored. They remembered us and decided to come along for the morning.

We don't know what God is doing in the lives of those whom we meet. These three boys had not been for at least 18 months, but the Spirit drew them back to us on Sunday. I don't know whether they will come next week, but I am so pleased that they knew that they would be welcomed and made to feel part of something for at least one week.

Our Kids Church is not just for kids whose parents come to the church, our Kids Church is open to the kids of the estate. I am so grateful for all the committed, hard-working grace filled leaders that serve in this ministry and pray that our kids church will once again have children from outside the church as well as those in it.

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