Monday, 16 June 2008

Euro 2008 - Day 9

Switzerland 2 - 0 Portugal
Turkey 3 - 2 Czech Republic

What a night. No one could have called either of these matches.

The co-hosts Switzerland haven't looked like beating anyone this championship but here they pulled off one of the surprises of the tournament and they fully deserved it. They fought hard against a Portugal side that was full of superstars. They may have been lucky to see Postigas goal ruled off by offside but none-the-less they played some good football. Portugal didn't look quite the same team without the talismanic Ronaldo - would that be the same for Man Utd if Ronaldo leaves?

Coming home from the prayer meeting, Ed and I heard some of this game on the radio. The Czechs had just gone 2 - 0 up and I for one was saying that that was to be expected and that turkey were rubbish. As I was dropping Ed off, the Turks pulled one back. I got home in time to see one of the best 10 minutes of football ever. Two goals from Nihat, the Turkish keeper sent off, Tuncay having to go in goal for the last 4 minutes, the Czechs driving forward. I have never seen a game like it before. If the Turks can fight like this to qualify for the quarters, who's to say what else they are capable of!!! The picture says it all!

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