Thursday, 19 June 2008

Ed is leaving!!!

Today was the first time that it sunk in that Ed will be leaving the country. He drove us down to Wimbledon to hear the theological paper on healing delivered by Phil Moore (which was a fantastic time of being encouraged and challenged) and in the car park he put his arm around me in a manly way and just said this could be the last time we hang out together!

Ed has been someone I have seen grow over the past few years. I remember him coming along to the church with big hair, a big baseball cap and big jeans that revealed big boxers!!! He is now someone who is going to America to become a Southern Baptist minister - no big baggy jeans involved in that!!!

He has been someone who has grown in his understanding of scripture and his application of it. I have greatly enjoyedhaving him around this year as a friend and as someone who has challenged me in my understanding of the Word of God. he is faithful, loyal and wants to do his best for the kingdom.

Tomorrow he goes to sort out his visa and next week is his last week with us as a church. I know however that this is not the last I will hear of this young man and I look forward to holidays in North Carolina to go and catch up with him.

God puts us together for a season - that may be months, years or decades, but it is God who puts us together. I know that it is him that has knitted our hearts together and therefore I know that as we part our ways, that this is also God's plan. Who knows who God will bring across my path in the future, but I hope they end up being friends like Ed.

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dave bish said...

I think I'm in denial that he's leaving... though the 150 miles between us and Reading might be the issue there.

That said, the grace of God evident in his life is not up for denial. Been a joy to see it over the years.