Saturday, 5 July 2008

An African Wedding

I had never been to an African wedding until today. As expected the detailed summary of the day that I had received meant little in terms of times, but hey that doesn't actually matter when you are around the vibrancy and God centredness of these two wonderful families.

Connie Makasi, a young lady who has been with us in Reading for over 2 1/2 years married Cassius. Cassius is a gentle but strong godly man. Both are from Zimbabwe and have settled here in the UK. Connie is a young lady that B and I have grown to love as a little sister and to see her marry today was a bit of a tear jerker!

I have heard about African weddings before but I must confess it surpassed all expectation. It was a joyous occasion filled with laughter, very loud music and copious amounts of dancing. I was blown away by their generosity toward the couple with both money and gifts. The food was traditional African fair - other than the trotters and the tripe, I did try everything and very nice it was too.

I had the privilege of officiating over the cake cutting during both the official ceremony and the reception. This was interesting as it is something I had never heard of, but I felt my way through it and got quite into it by the end of the second time around.

It has been a day of new experiences and spending time immersed in another culture. I feel that I have grown through being at the wedding. There is so much us Brits need to learn about enjoying ourselves and celebrating. The bible says rejoice with those who rejoice. There was definitely lots of rejoicing and I am sure the party is still raging on as I now sit at my computer reflecting on a wonderful occasion.

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