Thursday, 10 July 2008

Energy expended

There is nothing to say this week regarding badminton as I am in Brighton. Usually Wednesday would mean that I try to retain the West Reading Badminton medal, however yesterday was very different. Instead of expending energy running around a court I expended energy by:
  1. Keeping up with the 30 plus people we have down here from RFC at conference. We don't want any left behind and feeling alone in the crowd!
  2. Supporting Sean at his special interest meeting for Amsterdam - this meant wearing a t-shirt and pointing people in the right direction as well as helping people catch up with the news
  3. Worshipping our King to some of the new songs that have been written over the past year as well as some old hymns set to new rhythms
  4. Listening to very fine preaching from David Stroud, David Devenish and Mark Driscoll. All three were challenging but Driscoll's had my mind racing!
  5. Meeting with Steve, my brother-in-law, after the last meeting to catch up

In all I the energy I used yesterday was very different to that of rushing around a badminton court, but I felt stimulated, enriched and of course just as tired!!!

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