Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Johnny Cash

I'm sitting listening to Johnny Cash - some of his later stuff on his album 'American V - A Hundred Highways'. It's incredible to think that this man who lived for rock and roll, drugs, alcohol and women, became a man that played for nothing in prisons. He was prepared to mix with people that the rest of the world wanted to forget about and to tell them about the love of Jesus.

The film of his life, 'Walk the Line', is an excellent film, it is however sad that the story kind of ends before we see the fruit of his conversion. Cash became a good friend of Billy Graham and they made a film together call 'Jesus, the Gospel Road'.

Johnny Cash is just one of millions that God has graciously chosen and accepted into his family, he may not have been a Billy Graham, but he was totally transformed by the love of God and he spent the rest of his life telling people the good news of Jesus through his music.

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