Monday, 14 July 2008

More than just badminton!

Karen, Tom and Pete all joined me for badminton tonight over at Meadway Sports Centre. It's a night that I will probably want to forget in terms of my playing capabilities but I will remember the fact that each of the guys that came with me are worthy of mention. In conversation with one of the club members, she commented on the fact that we have a quality bunch of people with us at our church. She is right, we do.

I was so proud of them when I heard her say that. My friend at badminton now has a favourable view of our church because these ambassadors of Christ are living in such a manner that they are finding favour in the circles that the are socialising with.

They are gracious in defeat but more importantly in victory; they encourage their team mates and congratulate the play of the opposing team; they are friendly and interested in having conversation with other members of the club. When frustrated they do not take it out on anyone, they show self control and gentleness. Although they want to win, they don't consider winning more important than people.

They probably will never know what impact they are having, but those at the club are enjoying having them around and who knows what God will do. It feels a bit like just walking across a room (see book by Bill Hybels in case you are wondering!) I don't go to badminton to convert everyone (that's not my call) but I do go to enjoy playing a game that I love and I go to display Christ in that arena. The guys who come with me from church are most definitely doing that.

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