Thursday, 3 July 2008

West Reading Badminton Tournament update #4

A slightly different four last night. Kim was unable to be there and so his son, Ben, ably filled in for him. The evening started brightly for the experienced pairing of Neville and Richard and they made short work of beating Ben and I. The next two games saw my game improve slightly and when paired with Nev and Richard I was able to get 2 wins under my belt.

Game 4 was the rematch of the first game. Ben and I resolved that this was going to be a win. Ben hadn't quite got a win and so this was to be his game. However Richard and Nev had other ideas. They took an early lead but we kept within striking distance. At 20-18 it looked like experience had the won the day again, but two wild returns of serve from Nev and Richard respectively (and somewhat unusually!!) meant that the game went to 20-20. Ben and I then lost serve - score now 21-20. Advantage, as it were, once again back in the other court. A short rally and we were back in it as the shuttlecock flew into the net. 21-21.

Ben and I managed to serve out for the match and Nev and Richard both provided me with 2 more wins to ensure that the medal, for the fifth week, stayed with me. Next week I will be in Brighton at the Newfrontiers Leadership Conference, Together On A Mission, and so I shall miss the games. I therefore will officially lose the medal next Wednesday. At the moment I lead the table with 8 wins, but now I will have to try and win back the medal. However if I know Nev, Richard and Kim, whoever wins next week will not be quick to give it up!!!

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