Wednesday, 23 July 2008

A youth group with evangelistic promise

Last night I was invited to speak at one of the youth groups at Open Door Church, Sunbury. 15 of us meet in a living room. They were a welcoming bunch who were evidently good friends. we had a game and some time of worship and then came to discussing sharing our faith (this was the remit I had for the evening.)

I shared a little of my story, introducing B as the person who introduced me to Jesus. Her witness to living a Christian life and her love of Jesus got me interested and the Spirit did the rest! The point I made was that although B would never call herself an evangelist, I was saved as a result of meeting her. This opened up the floor to share stories of opportunities to talk about church, Jesus or anything else to do with our faith. It transpired that this group of teenagers had all pretty much had opportunities and had taken them!

We then talked about salvation belonging to God and therefore our responsibility isn't to save people, we can't do that, but to tell the good news of what He has done in our lives and pray. From there we got caught up in the bigger picture, seeing that we are actually on Jesus' mission of salvation - fulfilling his great commission. We are not alone in our endeavours, but continue the work of Jesus - how, by the power of his Spirit.

Toward the end of the meeting we had a time of ministry, where each of the youth were prayed over. The Spirit came and the words that were given were pretty much all applicable and apt for each situation.

I came away excited for this group of fledgling witnesses. I felt that they had met with the Spirit and any commissioning that had been done was by Him. I lok forward now to hearing stories back from them and I will pray that they will bear much fruit for His glory!


Dave said...

Hey Scott,
This is Dave just saying thank you for last night, it has made me think about evangelism in a way that I never have before, I hope to put some of what you said into action soon!

Scott said...

Let me know how you get on Dave. It was good to meet you and the guys on Tuesday.