Friday, 25 July 2008

Nicola finished today

Today was the last day of Nicola's tenure as an impact student for RFC. It basically meant she took a year out of her life and paid the church to work for it. She has proved to be an outstanding asset to the team. She has shown great creativity, teachability and sensitivity in all that she has done. She has worked hard and has also brought much fun to lunch times and coffee times and many times through out the day times. She has also given us some memorable lines that I think will coninue for a while after:

1) Good thinking Bat Rachel!!!

2) Lit-er-rall-y

3) The _______ hates me! (Insert computer, microwave, tap or any other thing that doesn't work properly)

4) Get off _______ (Insert anything or anyone that someone might be knocking!)

Nic will be greatly missed on a day to day basis but she will still be around the church and leading Alpha, as well as other bits and pieces. She is truly an inspirationing RFCers.


FloydTheBarber said...

5) is it tea/home/lunchtime yet?

6) i don't want a proper drink, just stick a lemon in a cup

nicola louise said...

this is LITERALLY (obviously i maintain my correct pronunciation, but i'll allow your mocking as i'm a Good Sport) the worst photo you could have chosen. i'm all pixelly!

Scott said...

Maybe you could recommend a bettr one, I also do not like the pixelation