Friday, 11 July 2008

Home from conference...

I am now home after 4 great days in Brighton and there is so much to reflect on from the week. I am very tired and feel spiritually full. God really met with me at the end of the last session and reminded me once again of the wonderful sacrifice that Jesus made on my behalf. It's incredible to think that he would pour his life out for someone like me. As tears trickled down my face I couldn't help but be filled with joy.

There were many highlights, including a memorable session yesterday afternoon, which should be downloaded from the resources page of Newfrontiers (link in the side bar) by everyone who is part of Newfrontiers. Other highlights include seeing people of Reading Family Church visibly growing in the Lord before your very eyes; having a team of 30 men and women from the church with Sean and I; as always worshipping Jesus with dance and song and praying for the nations was magnificent last night and something in the region of 1.1 million was raised in the offering to support the work with the poor, the building of church plants and the ministry of the apostolic teams.

I'm sure as the days go by and the dust settles, God will show us what it is that we need to be taking on board for us as a church. However what I do know right now is that I have been instilled with fresh faith for the days and months ahead and that God wants our church to continue to grow and reach the town of Reading in which we live.

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