Thursday, 24 July 2008

West Reading Badminton Tournament update #6

Another week, another go at the medal. Richard arrived on court this week with medal proudly placed around his neck. He was not going to let it go without a fight! The greatest fight however was against the conditions. It was incredibly humid within the hall and stepping outside to get some air didn't really help. Water was consumed, towels were used and I even ate a small banana in between the second and fourth games.

it is embarrassing to say, but factual, that I won all six of the games that were played last night. It was one of those one off evenings when everything just seems to go right. The cross court drops, the smashes and the low serves. When usually the shuttle would go fractionally out, they were hitting the lines, that sort of thing! Richard, Nev and Kim all more than played their parts. Particularly Kim. His instinctive reactions keep us all on our toes. When he is on form at the net it is almost impossible to get anything past him. The same can be said for Richard, particularly if you put it high. He has an excellent kill that is impossible to return. Nev is the back court boy who can change angles at the drop of a hat and smashes with venom. It is hard to think that any of us win because I think that we all play at a similar standard.

Still I shall enjoy the fact that for this week I can genuinely say, I won every game and the medal is back in my possession!

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