Thursday, 31 July 2008

More gems from Humility

Humility continues to be a book that touches me. I have been reading it very slowly and not everyday as I meditate on certain aspects. I have been reading the two chapters on the practical strategies of working towards a humble life - As Each Day Begins and As each Day Ends. These are the things that CJ Mahaney suggests:

At the beginning of the day-
-Reflect on the wonder of the cross
-Acknowledge my need for God
-Express gratitude to God
-Use any travelling time wisely (to work)
-Cast my cares, worries and burdens upon him
-Ask for Holy Spirit Annointing for my day

At the end of each day:
-Give God the glory for everything you have received and acheived
-Receive the gift of sleep from God and acknowledge it's purpose, sleep is a picture and parable of what it means to be a Christian. Our bed holds us up and takes our bodily weight as we relax; our Saviour holds us up and takes our sin and sustains us as we relax into him.
None of this is brain surgery, but seeing it written down and assessing what my quiet ties currently look like is helpful. It is changing the way that I come to God at both the beginning and the end of the day.
You can read a great reveiw on the book on Phil Whittal's Blog.


Phil said...

I agree - it's a gem, made me think about my quiet times too. I reviewed it on my blog here

Scott said...

Thanks Phil, just read your review I shall link from here to you.