Thursday, 17 July 2008

West Ham today...

Well as the Ronaldo to Real Madrid story continues and Ronaldinho looks to be unveiled by AC Milan, the mighty Hammers continue their rebuilding with an other 17 year old. Now this is still to be confirmed on the official site but Skysports tell me that we have signed a young Hungarian striker who has had trials with Inter Milan and Lazio - his name? Balint Bajner (pictured right). You can check out the link here if you are interested in knowing more (which is probably only if you support West Ham in any capacity!)

The other interesting thing I read today about West Ham was on the BBC. In a Summer where once again Man City spend big and the likes of Portsmouth seemingly being able to conjure money out of thin air, West Ham have had to shed some players - three so far! However when I read this article I was a little more heartened. I don't know the source but it does sound a little more encouraging than all the doom and gloom speculation that I have read already. The fact is there is a world wide financial problem and football clubs are not exempt.

Our owner is a banker and that means that if we have to shorten our wage bill due to the fact that money isn't going as far then so be it. I just hope that we keep enough of the team to at least be in the top half again this coming season. It's great to see us getting pre season under way with a 4-2 win with the likes of Ashton and Bellamy combining up front. Also good to see thateven with Sears and Tomkins playing for their country in the U19 Euros, we still have other youngsters coming through - Reid, Spence, Widdowson, Stanislas and collison amongst them. Click here to read the report.

I think the future looks bright as long as we don't go under financially and we keep developing the brightest talent in England!!!

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