Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Together on a Mission

I always see the Newfrontiers Leadership Conference as something as an oasis in an otherwise busy year. It's a time where I am able to come and enjoy great teaching from the Word; be refreshed by the power of the Holy Spirit; enjoy fellowship with people from RFC, across the nation and the nations. I find that what God does in me over these 4 days leaves me hungrier than ever to know more of him.

The conference started yesterday and already it has not disappointed. Although the guest speaker this year is none other than Mark Driscoll, from Mars Hill Church, Seattle, there are also high calibre guys who will be teaching us. Stephen van Rhyn from Jubilee church, South Africa spoke magnificently from Daniel 1. The overall theme of his message being that God is in control and what our response should be to Him. I realised how much I still try to do things in my own strength and how much I think things are actually my bright ideas when, in truth, the Lord our God is Sovereign.

Mark was quality and Terry was excellent on Stephen; you can find out more about these on Adrian Warnocks Blog as he will be covering the conference in details and having exclusive interviews.

This morning I am in anticipation of where Mark will go with his message this afternoon; of what David Stroud will have to say; but especially what David Devenish will have us feasting on this evening (He was last years highlight for me!) I have just done an interview with Dave Bish which you can here on his blog.

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