Monday, 7 July 2008

Together for the Nations...

Sundays don't come much better than they were yesterday. We had the honour of having Pervez Sohail with us and his family. He preached message encouraging us to grow in faith, faith that cries out to God regardless of circumstance. It was special in its content but also in it's delivery. It is the first time that we have had someone speak in their native tongue and have it translated into English, his daughter Ruhama did an outstanding job.

Anthony led worship well and we had several contributions all with the same message of God's love for us irrespective of our sin or situation. There were many people responding to God from where they stood/sat, it was evident that the Spirit was working amongst his people.

In the evening we went to Camberley for Together for the Nations. This was a regional event organised by the Beacon Church, Camberley. There are many nations that are supported by churches in our region and there are some of the leaders from those churches across the world over this week for the Leadership Conference in Brighton. Last night saw us hear some of what is going on in those and nations and then praying for them. We also had the joy of having Evan Rogers from South Africa, lead worship.

We dropped Pervez off at about 9:30pm after a wonderful 13 hours with him. I am discovering more and more what it is to have a desire to see our church reach the nations and have the nations amongst us. This weekend had been a weekend spent with people from other cultures and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

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