Friday, 4 July 2008

An inspirational couple...

I am so grateful to God for the great church that he has put me and my wife in. To have the privilege of knowing great people who love Jesus with all they have is fantastic. I know that Sean on his blog often speaks of RFC heroes but I have just sat and had a cup of tea with two more, Gary and Kay Watkins.

They are an incredible couple. They have become foster parents, which is no mean feet. They had to go through all sorts of interviews and form filling in order to have the task of caring for children for as long as they need to be cared for. Fostering means that there is a time when the children may well return to their birth parents or indeed may move on to another foster home. This means building relationships with kids, giving them your best, loving them and caring for them no matter what they throw at you - all with a view that they will leave at some point.

They have had two children so far, so they are still at the early stages, and are still learning and findingv their feet. One has just returned to his mother and one is still with them. Both of them are great children, full of life and energy. What this couple have provided is stability, love, boundaries and fun, in young lives that are desperate to be nurtured.

I for one know that as I look at what they are doing, I see the reflection of Jesus. This couple are showing me what it is to love for loves sake. They are not just running social commentary on the world, they are rolling their sleeves up and saying we want to make a difference one child at a time. Jesus takes each of us as we are and loves us and cares for us. He brings stability to our lives by showing us what the safe boundaries are. He brings fun to our lives as we learn to trust in him and go on adventures for him and with him. Yes that means life will sometimes be hard but we know we have someone who is there for us regardless of our circumstance.

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