Tuesday, 29 July 2008

A long, fun packed, God lead weekend

What a great weekend just gone. Every one of the last three days has been packed with plenty to thank God for, not least the beautiful weather.

Saturday: Dan and Becki Chard's wedding day was fabulous. The anticipation was huge, B and I had done their marriage prep and so for us it was really exciting to see them walk down that aisle as man and wife. The reception was lovely at Cantley House Hotel in Wokingham. I would highly recommend this as a venue. There was giant Jenga, horse shoe throwing, boules and croquet. This was the first taste I have ever had of this seemingly upper class past time, but I can say that I would love to play it again. I wasn't particularly good, but it was fun. In all it will be a day to remember for the food the friends and the fun that was had!

Sunday: We had our first meeting in South Reading Youth and Community Centre. It was fantastic. From 8am when the equipment was picked up, until the meeting started at 10am, there was a real buzz. Many of the church lended their hands to setting things up, working through new chair layouts, having the projector screen central, working out which way round the tables should be for tea and coffees. The car parking and welcoming team were superb, teas and coffees were served as diligently as ever, the worship team did an excellent job of leading us into our sung worship AFTER the preach. There were visitors there for the first time including Steve Smith who is pioneering a work with his family in Cambodia. The Holy Spirit came and met with people as they came forward to encounter Him. In all the morning was a resounding success. I would like to think it was because of careful and diligent planning, but it was actually because God is in control. I look forward to seeing what he does with us over the next few weeks that we are there.

Monday: From church on Sunday B and I went to Brighton to spend time with her her sister Cathy and her husband Steve. We had a very relaxing afternoon/evening sitting on Hove lawns, chatting, swimming, laughing and enjoying much BBQ food. We then returned to their flat which overlooks the lawns and enjoyed several games o table football - which I won - how cool! B and I then spent the day in Brighton yesterday, in the town, on the beach, eating at Donatello's and Harry's and generally spending time with just the two of us - utter bliss.

After that weekend I now look forward to this week. There is much to do, but I know that God is in control and I know that he equips us and prepares us for all we need to do. Speaking on Sunday from Gen 37:1-11 on Joseph and how he faced rejection, just makes me more determined to be someone who stand in the face of rejections, disappointments and fears and trusts that God knows what he is doing. I know that I am clothed in a robe of righteousness and I for one want to wear it publicly!

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