Thursday, 17 July 2008

A servant hearted family

On Tuesday evening the cell leaders, deacons and elders gathered together for a social event at the home of the Butcher-Bigleys. As we arrived up their street we were greeted by Ben and his friend who were ushering people into parking spaces along the road, with little white paddles. It was like something out of the movies as they went about their job with great precision and politeness.

Getting to the house we were greeted by Kelly Sue and Danutia dressed in black and white and asking us what we would like to drink. The rest of the family were also in black and white as they served us drinks and canapes. The garden had been dressed beautifully for us and the food was a fantastic buffet of various meats, salads and bread. Pudding was one of the best banoffee pies ever and/or a white chocolate cheesecake - coffee and biscuits followed.

The evening was a great success with the opportunity to talk to friends that you otherwise don't get the chance to due to the business of life. This was greatly helped by the outstanding service of the Butcher-Bigley family. It was literally like being at a hotel or function venue with their care and attention to detail. A family of RFC heroes.

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